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The informations about Sailfish Soup And RuneScape Unspeakable horror

The Deep Sea Fishing RuneScape activities have you tried? Here is some details about Sailfish Soup RuneScape for you,You can read now.

Sailfish Soup details

The Sailfish RuneScape is the best fish for healing, can be found on the north-eastern portion of the platform,It can be cooked into Sailfish Soup with player-owned port and Spice.

The ways to make the Sailfish Soup RuneScape is that :

1.Obtain the full Eastern soups Scroll from Player-owned ports

2.Requiring level 97 fishing to catch

3.Requiring a Cooking level of 99

One thing you need to pay attention ,the soup cannot be burnt when being made,it's benefits is that can heals a maximum of 2,600 and can boost your life points by an extra 15% above your maximum life points.

The new mechanic- Fishing Frenzy (level 94), will have you Fishing like never before.

Unspeakable horror informations

You can face a new type of cave horrors- RuneScape Unspeakable horror in March,the below is the ways to defeat it.

A new kind of cave horror will be introduced into the game,That is the Unspeakable horrors, and they can be dismissed and have the same Killer Rank 58 and a chance to lower the black mask,Killing the new horror will give you a chance to get a new codex - RuneScape Scare Tactics,Include:Shock (Magic level 3),Horror (Magic level 15),Demoralise (Ranged level 3),Rout (Ranged level 15).

The King and Queen of Spades details

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Publish Time:Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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