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The details about Galvek

The Galvek has return,If it is not exciting to fight Galvek for the first time, now you can repeat the epic battles of the Dragon Slayer II! You can also watch some epic cinematics as part of your mission,The full details on the below,you can read now.

When Interacting with the Pool of Dreams,You will have two choice,one is When choosing the "Refight Galvek" option,You will go straight into battle. Any death in this version of the battle is considered safe. If you fail, you will be returned to mythology guild free and safe, and you have everything in your inventory. You can interact with the Dream List next to Dreams to track your Galvek killings and best times.

Another choice is While choosing “Rewatch Cutscenes”,You will see:

Permanent Iron Man and Tome of Fire Exchange Rate

Many new players choose to permanently have their Iron Man status and then request that they be removed. Permanent options are still welcome by players who work hard for the Iron Man, and want to make sure they will not be downgraded, but we no longer offer this option to create new accounts. As a result, new players will not be able to choose Iron Man's permanent state on the tutorial island.After reaching 1,000 total skill levels, you can set up permanent Iron Man status by talking to Lumbridge's Steel Hospice.

Talk to Ignisia, found within the Wintertodt camp, to trade in empty Tomes of Fire for 100 Burnt pages per Tome.

Heraldic Adamant And Bracelet of Ethereum

Now you can paint heraldic colours onto Adamant Shield & Full Helms and added to the toggle on the Bracelet of ethereum,To absorb the ether dropped from revenants when killed.

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Publish Time:Friday, January 12, 2018

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