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The coming of Invention Batch 2 and Ninja update

This is the moment you've been waiting for. Invention Batch 2 finally came to RuneScape ,and we will provided a series of new devices to help you in the game.We also introduced a new concept: the machine. please read the following information carefully.

The machine allows you to turn your items into what you want. The wood into a board, noble items or your skin hidden on the leather; the opportunity is endless. The best point they are AFK, or even offline progress. Like agriculture, these machines will continue to work even if they do not log in, all you need to do is keep them full of divine responsibility.

Here is just some changes to the "invention" batch 2:

1.We removed the inspiration.
2.Incremental devices can now be traded.
3.Increasing the project now has benefits beyond Level 12. (Increase in drainage rate and chance of flexible start)

Ninja update

All this to make sure you do not miss the latest update of the ninja team - the most notable is the mother mare.

We have added many items: bells, memory lines, VIP killer tickets, butterfly cans, scrimshaws, XP crystals, ghosts and broken world animations, and give you a new story book that explains the origins of Maw and Gem. We also listen to your feedback and delete items that are useless to you.

You can also can look forward to a new boss collection log to tell you how many unique drops are collected from each boss, as well as some important additions to free players.

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Publish Time:Monday, September 4, 2017

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