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The Supernova and the details of Mining & Smithing Rework

This activity start from today 1st November to 23:59 game time on the 6th November, You should collect various supreme stars on Treasure Hunter for double the Bonus XP of regular fallen stars.

In order to  celebrate fireworks night with these slices of Bonus XP and get training for those levels! We should try our best to do it!

Jagex has revealed a document listed everything linked to Mining & Smithing.Let's see all the following details carefully.

The main content about Mining & Smithing

The document contains several main aspects about Mining & Smithing, including Drop Tables, Rocks, Tools, Valuable Affected Items, Reward Items, Cross-Skilling Benefits, Other Smithed Items, Minigames & Special Zones, Quests, Promotional Items, and so on.

Furthermore,You can see almost everything in each aspect related to Mining & Smithing, for example:
Drop Table: Ore, Rune Items, Dragon Items, Lower Tier Smithed Items, Metallic Dragons, and Boots
Tools: Crystal Pickaxe, Imcando Pickaxe, Crystal Hammer, Dwarven Army Axe, Dragon Pickaxe, Inferno Adze, Stealing Creation Tools, Offhand Skilling Tools

Advices from the players to the above content

Jagex wants the player to read the content they reveal, and add that they for fear that they miss anything. They took the player's advice and should add Longhao and any Tzhaar-related stuff (such as TokHaar-Ket-Dill).

What's more, They also explain why they put Dragon Hatchet in the file (some players have doubts about it) because they are likely to use Smithing to make a higher level of Hatchets, and then Dragon Hatchet will not be so useful.

However, due to the huge work done by mining and Smith's rework, the proposal to modify the appearance of existing projects will not be their top priority.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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