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Some ways to Defeat OSRS Theatre of Blood Bosses

With the release of Theatre of Blood, You will encounter several bosses,Now,let's learn some guides to defeat them.Please read the following details carefully.

1.The ways to defeat Lady Verzik

As the final boss,During the first phase, you must use the Dawnbringer’s special attack to remove Verizik’s shield, as all other sources of damage are much reduced. However, each special attack cast will cost 35% energy. And you can block the blue projectiles from Verzik by hiding behind pillars. Please note that when the pillar has taken enough hits, it will collapse and deal heavy damage to those next to it. You’d better stand at least one space from it.

In phase two, run under Verzik to destroy the blue projectile. Attack Nylocas summoned by her with the combat style. Do not attack her while she summons Nylocas Matomenos.

In phase three, you can protect yourself from her powerful attack by standing on a tile with a yellow aura around it. However, every aura can only protect one person.

2.The guides to defeat Xarpus

During the first half, simply stop green skeletons from healing Xarpus. When Xarpus appears, constantly avoid the poison it splatters. When it screeches, it will stop splattering poison but instead look around the four corners.

3.Guides for Pestilent Bloat

The Pestilent Bloat is an undead diseased abomination that becomes ineffective after seven falling hand cycles or 14 when it reaches 50% of its health. You must constantly avoid abhorrence and attack when it is ineffective. Keep as far as possible when hiding.

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