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Some You Are It Quest Informations

With the release of You Are It RS, you’d better learn the You Are It quest guide ,Here have all Informations you need ,please read carefully.

on May 8,A mysterious bottle quest You Are It RuneScape has been released ,from chop a specific tree in the south-west of McGrubor’s Wood start,which is an intermediate quest with no requirements.

There are some guides

1.Go to McGrubor's Wood and chopping the tree

2.Read the mysterious clue scroll (only contain the word “URIT” repeatedly) to accept the quest You Are It. Please just read the letters that are different and spell out “RELDO”.

3.Go to Varrock Palace and speak to Reldo RuneScape there.

4.Find Duke Horacio on the upstairs in Lumbridge Castle.Remove all your items and use the cry emote, then the panic emote.

5.Head to the location in the Lumbridge cemetery, and dig to the west of the southern-western light by right-clicking your clue scroll.

6.Head to Draynor Manor and get a casket key from a bookcase. Use it to open the locked casket,you will get an old necklace.

7.Go back to McGrubor's Wood with a rope and dig at two steps south of the crate,Go down the hole to the end and investigate a coffin.

8.Then Speak to the double agent,Destroy the statue in the shape of the Stone of Jas on the mantle.

9.Speak to Uri to complete the quest.

Some Rewards

From the urit RuneScape quest you will get an old necklace, you can also get a puzzle casket ,one quest point, and easy, medium & hard sealed clue scrolls along with 2 TH keys & 2 Hearst of Ice. 

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Publish Time:Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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