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Some RuneScape new updates coming

In the latest official news post,Some new contents will coming,Let's see what they are,please read carefully.

RuneScape Elite Dungeons will come in June

There will be something new in the form of RuneScape Elite Dungeons this summer,it’s said that the second Elite Dungeon will continue narratively from the first.

Some Temple of Aminishi Features Details

And the Temple of Aminishi is expected to see in June.You can expect experience dungeons alone and Choose to play with friends,As rewards, there will also be Dungeoneering XP, tokens and new loot for your efforts.

Solak RuneScape strong boss will come in May

Boss Solak RuneScape is coming very soon in May.

Solak offers a double and seven player mode, which means that a team of seven players is recommended as a planned option to fight Solak with both teams. These two will lead to different mechanisms to take effect.

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Publish Time:Monday, April 16, 2018

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