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Some Leather Shields details and Tournament Worlds

The old school runescape team updated the leather shields OSRS,Leather shields are a great alternative for those wishing to use one-handed ranged weapons.Next, let's learn more details about it.

Leather shields OSRS are a class of shields that are oriented toward rangers,and grant high penalties for players equipped with these shields,New Leather shields include the 6 types:Hard leather shield, Snakeskin shield, Green d’hide shield, Blue d’hide shield, Red d’hide shield and Black d’hide shield.And they give moderate resistance to magic attack and a pretty low resistance to melee and ranged attack.

The ways to creat Leather Shields

Snakeskin shield: You can make this shield with Crafting level 56, a willow shield, two pieces of snakeskin, 15 iron nails and a hammer.

Hard leather shield: maded by a willow shield with 15 iron nails and a hammer. Level 56 Crafting.

Black d’hide shield:you are required level 83 Crafting and use a redwood shield on two pieces of black dragon leather with 15 rune nails and a hammer in your inventory.

Green d’hide shield: maded by a maple shield with 15 steel nails and a hammer. Level 62 Crafting

Red d’hide shield: Requiring Crafting 76, it is made by using a magic shield on two pieces of red dragon leather with 15 adamantite nails and a hammer.

Blue d’hide shield: made by a yew shield with 15 mithril nails and a hammer. Level 69 Crafting is need.

Tournament Worlds details

 Tournament World will be open for the duration of QoL month, Two new Tournament worlds have been added,You'll have a variety of equipment to choose,To select your own stats,prepare for this.

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Publish Time:Friday, February 2, 2018

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