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Runescape Evil Dave details and guides

The RuneScape Evil Dave’s has been released ,Next,We will list the details and give you some tips,hope can help you a lot in game and complete this quest.

How to access to Evil Dave Quest?

At first,You should be a member of Runescape,and reach at least level 30 in herblore, magic, agility and cooking; Finally, you should Complete Recipe for Disaster.

Giudes for Evil Dave’s quest

First you need to do your chores in the basement. You will receive Dave’s spellbook. Investigate Dave’s spellbook and investigate it again and teleport to the Makeover Mage.

Attempt to access Evil Dave’s bank. Provide the Grand Exchange clerk with flask of stew-water, who gives you three air runes. You will teleport to the location of the Makeover Mage.

Clean Evil Dave’s bed again will make you experience another cutscene. After completing the chores you leave the house and sneak into White Knights’ Castle. Search the suit of armour for a knight’s helmet. You’ll meet Sir Amik Varze who requests drinks, and he will reveals the location of Kalphite Hive after getting his drinks.
Recruit any 3 of the other hell rats and then get to Shantay Pass. Use the coconut, barrel and rope to smuggle your hell rats. Enter the sparkling holes between the River Elid and the Kalphite Hive. Enter the mysterious entrance to find Evil Dave and grab him from the empty cooking range.

Come back to the basement and collect hell rats to help perform the ritual. After the body swap, finally talk to Doris and complete the quest.

Rewards from Runescape Evil Dave Quest?

1.2 quest points;
2.50k Magic XP, 20k Herblore XP, 20k Agility XP, and 20k Cooking XP;
3.Two treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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