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Revenant Caves are coming to Old School with Bracelet of Ethereum and Ancient Crystals

Runescape Revenant Cave is coming to OSRS soon. And Bracelet of Ethereum and Ancient crystals will dropped by Revenants. Let see more details in the below.

How into Rev Caves OSRS to defeat Revenants?

The Revenant  Caves is a cave found in the wilderness filled with higher wild monsters and a brand new NPC, Revenants.

The entire cave is a multi-way battle except for the entrance and a small area inside. The shortest required agility level is 65, the highest agility level is 89.

All monsters in the cave are included in the list of wilder killer monsters, of which Revenants are up-to-date. Some of them will prove pretty challenging to fail, so make sure you get into the prepared cave.

What will Bracelet of Ethereum and Ancient Crystals?

The higher level the Revenant is, the better chance it has of dropping an item.

1.The Bracelet of Ethereum, guaranteed to drop. Even if it does not have statistics, it charges a new tradable consumable, and then wears it, Revenants will never stop you. The effect will be lost until all costs have been consumed. Ephesus bracelet total value of 43200gp, will always be in a state of death. Even if he prayed using "protective items," nobody can keep it.

2.In addition, all Revenant NPC’s have a small chance of dropping a tradeable Revenant cave teleport scroll, which can be used to teleport to the lower wilderness-level entrance of the caves.

3.Ancient Crystal, a new rare exchangeable resource. The crystal can give the player a one-way transfer to a random wilderness Obelisk location. Complete Obelisk Grants Players 3000 Construction XP. Please note that building a player with a wilderness obelisk requires 80 buildings, 4 ancient crystals and 4 marble blocks.

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Publish Time:Friday, November 24, 2017

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