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RS Gold Is An Essential Part Of Game Play

Buy Cheap Runescape Gold is the currency of the old school runescape. Just as, in the real world, money cannot buy happiness but it can open up opportunities. Cheap osrs gold is not a substitute for strategy and fast reaction time, but it can help you achieve success in your quests and give you an advantage in battle.

There is a bunch of improvements to the RS Gold game according to the recent general quality of life poll. There are some long awaited changes to Bank PIN, Toggleable Pet options, Grimy Herb and more. Read this article beyond your convenience to learn and grow more than you know. Besides, don’t forget to buy rs 2007 gold cheap for recent updates.

Bank PINs can stay unlocked over short logouts
You can now choose whether your bank PIN should stay unlocked for 5 minutes after you have logged out. This would let you hop worlds or take a quick bathroom break without having to re-enter your PIN when you reconnect.

If you appear to be logging in from a different IP address or computer, your PIN will always re-lock itself immediately for your protection. It’s good to stay your osrs account and other personal information safe.

Toggleable Pet Options & Grimy Herb Value Increase
Toggleable Pet Options: A new option can be found within the controls interface to reprioritise your own pet options. This allows your left mouse clicks to pass through your own pets!

Grimy Herb Value Increase: Jagex has increased the value of grimy herbs in order to make them more visible when received as a drop.

F2P Energy Potions from the Apothecary
Congratulations! Normal energy potions are no longer a members-only item. The Apothecary has a new shiny interface, and will offer to create Energy potions alongside his Strength potions. It will be more convenient for F2p players.

The initial poll proved what upgrade of OSRS Quality of Life are feasible and strengthened Jagex's confidence in conducting future research and innovation. Some big improvements may come in near future. High time to buy Cheap Rs Gold with up to 3% off extra gold Coupon Code: eve3 at 07runescapegolds.com.au!

Generally speaking. Each new content in game can make it more funny and wonderful. Just buy Runescape Gold cheap at 07runescapegolds.com.au to wait and enjoy the big event soon.

Publish Time:Friday, March 10, 2017

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