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OSRS Justiciar Armour And OSRS Mobile iOS Beta Details

The OSRS Raids 2 will be released in the near future,First,Let's see the some OSRS Justiciar armour informations,You can read now.

Recently ,There is an image about Justiciar armour OSRS revealed. And when the players see this possible drop from the final boss of Raids 2, they will put many advices. 

You can equip this tradable armor with at least 75 Defence. And its defensive stats will be a little higher than that of Torag the Corrupted’s equipment with an additional slight Prayer bonus.

What's more, it provides a new damage reduction effect against NPCs according to your defence bonus when all 3 pieces (including Justiciar faceguard, Justiciar chestguard & Justiciar leg guards) are worn.But,this effect doesn’t function in PvP.

OSRS Mobile iOS Beta is coming this month,with the invitation sent from Apr 10.

In the forthcoming beta, the team will try out the improved mobile handling of the bank and shops, among other things.The iOS beta invitations will be sent to your runescape.com inbox from Tuesday 10th April. Please notice that even if you get an “invitation” email claiming to be from us, or a pop-up on Facebook, but there’s no invitation in your inbox on our site, that means it’s a fake.

A lot of maintenance work has been done on the network and hardware of various hosting facilities, which will leave countless worlds offline for hours. Different hosting sites will be completed on different days. Plan to start later in April and publish a timeline in advance to help you plan your activities accordingly.

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Publish Time:Monday, April 9, 2018

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