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OSRS Dragon Slayer 2 details

Dragon Slayer II has come to Old School RuneScape on January 4,we can eventually begin to experience Dragon Slayer 2 in game ,Now,we will provide some information about OSRS Dragon Slayer 2 for someone who have something unclear or face some difficulties.
please read carefully.

Some basics information about Dragon Slayer 2

First,You need to speak to Alec Kincade, outside the Myths’ Guild in the south of the Feldip Hills to start OSRS Dragon Slayer II. second,you have to defeat the boss Galvek OSRS with Combat level 608 finally. He has 1200 hitpoints and 4 phases with 300 hitpoints per phase. In whole quest,you will face many challenges,The boss has various kinds of attacks.he can use three forms of combat.his extremely powerful dragonfire can kill you in one hit if you don’t move away from the spot. Even when next to the tile hit by dragonfire, you will take half the damage. What is more, he can launch pink dragonfire to disable all prayers on impact.

Defeat final boss Galvek OSRS guides

Galvek is the final boss of the OSRS Dragon Slayer 2 quest.you should stand next to rail by Galvek, run east and west to avoid “Jad” attacks. Never run south or you will activate bombs, which are always placed in the same position and will automatically blow up after a while or if the Galvek is forced into the next phase.the boss will fly to the west of boat and occasionally drain your stats, especially run energy (40%). You still need to stay near the edge of boat and run north/south to avoid "Jad" attacks.Galvek will go to east side of boat and occasionally launch tsunami waves, you have to run around to avoid the attacks.So you’d better use range and strong defensive gear.

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Publish Time:Friday, January 5, 2018

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