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OSRS 5th Birthday event and Drygore longsword details

Today,We get some lateat Runescape news,Let's see what they are.

OSRS 5th Birthday event details

The Old School official Twitter revealed the OSRS 5th Birthday event informations,The Old School team has revealed on February 22 more about OSRS's 5th birthday party, which reads "This is part of the 5th birthday on February 22! Crunchy and Tim will feel Proud. "And a photo.
From the picture we can see some of the decorations in the room, such as the purple cake with the RS logo. OSRS Crunchy and Tim are both standing there.

The most famous role of OSRS Crunchy was holding the “High Detail” button before RuneScape HD’s release, while Time holding the “Low Detail” one. we know these two characters will also appear in OSRS 5th birthday event, let's expect it.

Drygore longsword informations

Drygore longsword are rarely dropped by Kalphite King and require a Level 90 attack to be used. You can use 120 Drygore sword fragments to make. It is considered the most powerful sword outside Daemonheim in the game. At the same time, along with the Drygore mace and Drygore rapiers, it is the second-most powerful melee weapon outside Daemonheim, hurting every second.After 60,000 combat charges will be reduced. You need 10,000 pieces of chitin to fix it. Now in order to buy the complete repair from GE, you need to prepare 820,000 coins.

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Publish Time:Monday, February 12, 2018

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