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Learn OSRS Raids 2 and OSRS PvP World Rota details

Today, Let's learn OSRS Raids 2 and OSRS PvP World Rota latest news, hope this informations can do some help for you.

It’s officially confirmed that the Raids 2: Theatre of Blood will be coming to game on June 7 along with its final boss Lady Verzik. That means we all can expect its release in about one month.

The current active rota is Period A for the next two weeks, until Thursday 17th of May.

The following include more informations:

The Standard PvP world is W24 in the USA.The High Risk PvP world remains on W37, in the USA, as the German server will be subject to maintenance next week.

This will be switched with the next week’s update to W43,The F2P PvP world is W117 in the USA.The Bounty Hunter world is W18 in the UK.

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Publish Time:Monday, May 7, 2018

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