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Enjoy some significant update in February

Let'see what we can expect from the coming weeks.Keep your eyes on the following details.

1.Bank Rework Taster details

Jagex has made a decision that they will firstly release part of changes which don’t need engine work this month. And they are naming this part as Bank Rework Taster,you’ll have access to Diango’s interface and the costume room from buttons in the bank to withdraw or deposit,Turning Wise Old Man’s clean-up interface into a filter;Moreover, presets one through ten will have dedicated shortcut keys (check out the tooltips to see what they are) and ‘Manage Presets’ will load more quickly.

2.Clue Scroll Overhaul changes

The Clue Scroll Overhaul is the most important update this month,The team is introducing Master-tier clues, adding over sixty new rewards, improving the drop tables and making some of existing rewards available to free players. There’s also a new hub for all your clue scroll needs, a collection log to track your rewards and a new Globetrotter outfit that will help with all your clue-hunting endeavours.Conveniently located, hidey holes let you stash any items required for your emote clues so that they’re close to hand without weighing you down.

3.Mining and Smithing Beta details

Midway through the month,Some new mechanics in the Mining and Smithing Beta will be tested ,including the ore bag, upgrading equipment, decorating equipment, heating with the forge, non-competitive rocks and new tiers of metal.

All of this will take place within an enclosed pocket of Gielinor with only the core mechanics available. You'll have access to all the existing and new mining rocks and be able to smith armour and weapons with the existing and new metals.There are no restrictions here, and your feedback is greatly encouraged.

4.Mimic Boss details

until 19th February ,You can grab a free boss token from the Mimic Chest in Burthorpe,which teleports you to the Mimic Chamber and disappears once the boss is defeated. Since then, trading tokens or earning these tokens through combat has occasionally been skilling.

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Publish Time:Monday, February 5, 2018

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