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Details about Staff of Light and Revenant Drop Table Update

The old school team has updated the Staff of light OSRS informations and Revenant Drop Table details,Let's see it now.

Staff of Light OSRS details

Staff of Light OSRS is a one handed staff,with 75 Attack and 75 Magic,And it owns all of its effects from the Staff of the dead.

Now it can be created by using OSRS Saradomin light on a staff of the dead, and his process is irreversible.

The new staff can autocast Saradomin strike god spell instead of the Flames of Zamorak god spell.

What's more, Staff of Light counts as a Saradominist item while in the God Wars Dungeon and in the Desert Bandit Camp.The special attack of Staff of Light OSRS is Power of Light, which halves all Melee damage of your opponent(s) for one minute at a cost of 100% special attack energy.

In order to get Saradomin's light,you have to kill Commander Zilyana in the God Wars Dungeon (You must kill 40 of Saradomin's followers throughout the dungeon to access her chamber.). the item is a rare drop from the Commander and the drop rate is only 1/254.

Revenant Drop Table Update informations

OSRS Revenant drop table has made some changes,Let's see what it is:

1.Added Statuettes as unique drops to Revenants, which can be sold to the Emblem trader and be alched for 60% of this sell valueadded Statuettes as unique drops to Revenants.
2.Adjust the weight of a normal loot table while removing some less valuable drops and other amounts of increase
3.Have removed the 100x drop.

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Publish Time:Friday, February 9, 2018

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