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Deadman Tournament and New RuneScape Drop Rates Revealed

There are some updates about RuneScape,You can read carefully now,And hope these information can help you in the game.

The Deadman Tournament
The Deadman Tournament begins on Monday(today) at approximately 12:00 pm GMT (07:00 am EST) and ends on Saturday 9th December 2017.Furthermore,the Winter Finals Live stream you can watch on the Twitch,TV at 7pm GMT Saturday 9th December .

New RuneScape drop rates

1.Abyssal Hound - X/150,000 drop rate for every 5 worlds you complete, where X is the end world of the group of 5 multiplied by 5.

2.Monkey Skull - 1/30 chance to roll the “rare Zombie impling table” whilst opening/catching a Zombie impling, and 1/100 chance to obtain a Monkey skull on the rare Zombie impling table.

3.1/500 chance to obtain either Boots or Gloves from a Crystal Impling

4.6/20 chance to roll on to the “Fallback” table of the Motherlode Maw; on the “Fallback” table, there is a 1/85 chance for both the Boots and the Gloves separately.

5.Rune Dragons - 1/256 chance for a random combat style tier 90 boot component from Rune Dragons and 1/196 chance from Elite Rune Dragons.Tormented Demons and Glacors - 1/256 chance for both Dragon claws;
6.1/256 chance for Dragon crossbow limbs; 1/352 chance for a ruined lump of dragon

7.1/128 chance to roll on the Glacor boots table; 10/96 chance at 1 Shard of Armadyl

8.Vinny - 1/100 chance on completion of Wisps of the Grove D&D.

players will see the major skilling methods and a little explanation of the different methods of calculating pet chance on Friday 15th December.

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Publish Time:Monday, December 4, 2017

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