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Bonus Boosters are backing

Big surprise!Bonus Boosters are back, It will give you more fun than ever before,So read the following details carefully.

When will the Bonus Boosters happen?

The Bonus Boosters event will start from 6:00 UTC on September 6th to 23:59 on September 11th,  enjoy six effects – three from last time, three new - activated via buttons on the interface.

You should keep in mind that you can activate these once, after applying the cooldown. Only one booster can be activated at a time.

What should you do to activate bonus boosters?

Lucky purple enhancer can only be activated once, while the other five bonus boosters can be activated five times each time. Activate the multiplier booster to raise the number of prizes you will receive, with up to 5x prizes per chest. Before choosing a prize, activate Extrasensory Booster to see the chest's gem. When you use a boring booster, any lights and stars you receive will become smoldering. Deep Freeze Booster allows five other categories to freeze with ice heart. Upgrading Booster can upgrade the rareness of any prizes received at a level.

Please note that this booster can also allow access to some of the older discontinued items: lucky dragon rudder, lucky dragon chain, lucky dragon plate, lucky spectrum spirit shield, lucky mystery shield, lucky gods shield, lucky god shield, Lucky Bandos boots, lucky deep whip, lucky dragon claws, lucky dragon 2h sword.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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