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The details and changes about Barbarian Assault Ranged Rework
The Old School Runescape team revealed the latest news about Barbarian Assault ranged rework, Lets see the full changes and improvements now.The changes of Barbarian AssaultIt was needed to introduce a new range of arrows ,include: Bullet arrows, Field arrows, Blunt arrows, Barbed arrows, In additio...
Publish Time:01/26/2018
The details about Double XP Weekend in 2018
Good news, the first Double XP Weekend RuneScape will begin from February 23 and end on February 26,Now,lets get more details about it.The DXP Weekend in February 2018 has been revealed ,From 12:00 UTC on 23rd February until 12:00 UTC on 26th February ,During these time,You’ll be able to tune into T...
Publish Time:01/24/2018
The informations about OSRS Mobile beta and RuneScape Classic Hero’s Quest
We update RS news and guides everyday, please keep following us.Lets focus on todays informations. It’s officially said that OSRS Mobile beta and battery use blog will be out on today,So Before the mobile beta begins,we should make full preparations for it,you should get your data package and extra ...
Publish Time:01/22/2018
The updates of Fossil Island Improvements
Old school runescape team just updated the improvements of the Fossil Island,Fossil Island has been changed a lot,Now,Let us see all the details on the below.1.A mini-task list has been added to the archaeologists’ camp, documenting your exploration of Fossil Island.which can be immediately accessed...
Publish Time:01/19/2018
Hydra Lamps return and 4taa informations
Hydra Lamps return to Treasure Hunte with bring XP in two skills ,start from today 00:00 Game Time until 23:59 Game Time on 22nd January.They award XP and Bonus XP in two skills ,Each skill will receive 60% of the total XP itd earn from a smouldering lamp,total120%.Hydra lights are very similar to s...
Publish Time:01/17/2018
The Improvement Of OSRS Fossil Island And other informations
The Old School team plans to release the updates for OSRS Fossil Island in the next days,Let us see what the Fossil Island has Improved,You can know more details on the below now.In November 2017, the Old School has cast vote on Fossil Island improvements, Let’s learn what kinds of changes will be u...
Publish Time:01/15/2018
The details about Galvek
The Galvek has return,If it is not exciting to fight Galvek for the first time, now you can repeat the epic battles of the Dragon Slayer II! You can also watch some epic cinematics as part of your mission,The full details on the below,you can read now.When Interacting with the Pool of Dreams,You wil...
Publish Time:01/12/2018
The News About RuneScape Ocean Alliance
The first Treasure Hunter “Oceans Alliance - The Archer” has been available in game.during today to Jan. 15 which you can gain 5 new cosmetic tokens to unlock the new outfits. More details is on the below,You can read carefully now.During the period, 5 new kinds of tokens can be obtained on TH, incl...
Publish Time:01/10/2018
What will come to RuneScape in 2018 next months?
2018 has arrived,RuneScape Year Ahead 2018 also arrives to tell you what will happen in game this year.Are you curious about it?we will tell what happens to RuneScape this year,So keep your eyes on here now.1.Start tomorrow,with the first update in 2018.That is two existing Stalker Creatures RuneSca...
Publish Time:01/08/2018
OSRS Dragon Slayer 2 details
Dragon Slayer II has come to Old School RuneScape on January 4,we can eventually begin to experience Dragon Slayer 2 in game ,Now,we will provide some information about OSRS Dragon Slayer 2 for someone who have something unclear or face some difficulties.please read carefully.Some basics information...
Publish Time:01/05/2018

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