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The Fossil Island Kudos Display and the Champion's Cape
The fossil island is expected to come soon as long as one week, in order to help you better prepare yourself. We have provided some good advice to you. In addition, there is an opportunity to come from the barbarian elite clues, this is a prestigious title, many people want it.You should pay close a...
Publish Time:09/01/2017
The achievements and Hiscores relaunch
What are the achievements?1.We have improved the user interface, have a smooth new layout and streamlined user processes. This includes many new paths to guide the players through Gielinor.2.We also introduced RuneScore, which calculates the sum of your achievements. You can send it to your friends ...
Publish Time:08/30/2017
Deadman Mansions is coming soon
How long will this activity last?This activity start from September 17th to 23rd, we will host Deadman Mansions, B0aty and Faux leadership team with ASUS UK!How to join and play?Joining our amazing content of the week led to the death of the fall invitations. We put ten of the best Deadman cranes in...
Publish Time:08/28/2017
The activity of Balthazar's Big Raffle return to RuneScape
How long does this activity last?The Balthazars Big Raffle is returning to RuneScape on August 29th and running until October 2nd.Its lasting 5 days,and you can catch the Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour and Deathtouch Darts , there are many other prizes.How to Play this game?You should pay your a...
Publish Time:08/25/2017
Collecting three five-piece tradeable outfits to make Volcanic Trapper outfit
When does this event start?They will be available from August 23rd at 00:00 UTC to August 28rd at 23:59 on Treasure Hunter, so you can finish your suit!What can I do to get clothing?Similar to the previous version of the elite suite, this week there are three pieces of five tradable equipment,they a...
Publish Time:08/23/2017
In the old prison hall to fight Nex, and buy cheap gold
Its about 5 days or so, powerful Zaros generals: Nex will be released on August 26th. Bring the best weapon 2 styles to challenge Nex and drip from coins.Are you get ready to welcome it?When and where happened to fight Nex?Nex available on August 26 UTC UTC 8:00. Nex is a powerful general of Zarros,...
Publish Time:08/21/2017
Partake in the Fossil Island competition and improve the way
This week we announced a new screen match log. We are looking forward to a successful PvP tournament,and wilderness wars. Ammunition and Rune can be collected in a way that has been significantly improved, whats more, you can participate the Fossil Island log in screen competition.THE Wilderness War...
Publish Time:08/18/2017
Buy cheap RS Gold Prepare for RuneScape Double XP Weekend
Another RuneScape Double XP Weekend is moving in your direction, which will give you a big surprise,Do you be well prepared to buy cheap and fast RS gold ready? please pay your attention to this article.Remember the important point and details.When does this event start?The double XP weekend kicking...
Publish Time:08/16/2017
PvP Championships in 2017 and Wilderness War OSRS final results
After the intense PvP game, the three brackets of the last hero has come out.let us convey our warmest congratulations to Monnixxx, fool and Rot win the game respectively. Without a pause, Jagex will host a new game: Wilderness War OSRS in insomnia 61. Please Read more to find out the different and ...
Publish Time:08/15/2017
Implement some importint changes to the Karambwanji & Castle Wars wrist OSRS
In order to make OSRS Karambwan fishing more feasible and reliable , Jagex made some importint changes to Karambwanji. Understand these changes and buy Old School Rs Gold to attract more Karambwan. on the other hand , "Castle War Bracelet" can be obtained in the F2P world.Four importint c...
Publish Time:08/11/2017

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