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We truly had the very best memories in RS
"From the fugitive hunter the original one but is not crucible! also special attacks! those were awesome i might play old school but i enjoy grand exchange so yeah... brilliant game but slightly tarnished by change, i wish they will release an occasion you had like oldschool even so the day b...
Publish Time:06/30/2015
GameBlast 2014,thanks and Return in the Podcast
Last Friday we took part in GameBlast, a 7 days a week video gaming marathon organised on the charity SpecialEffect. From 1pm on Friday completely to 1pm on Saturday, we united players and mods to learn RuneScape throughout the day and night straight. The live stream had nearly 90,000 unique viewer...
Publish Time:06/25/2015
Individuals over at Runescape have been busy. To uncover how busy, take a look at their most current notes. RuneScape gold. Below is often a sample and you can make out the print all by following a link below.Soon, the gods of RuneScape take a wee tiny breather as the scribes and artists provide th...
Publish Time:06/24/2015
RuneFest 2015 – Save the Date
RuneFest 2015 is arriving on 3rd October. Jot it down and clear your calendars – you ought not risk miss the years biggest and best RuneScape event!Well be time for the Tobacco Dock venue working in london, UK on an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular.Come along as well as the whole RuneScape co...
Publish Time:06/19/2015
Treasure Hunter - Smouldering Lamps
Precisely what is Treasure Hunter?Treasure Hunter can be a minigame – playable from within RuneScape - where players use Recommendations for claim in-game items as prizes. These cover anything from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.Playing Treasure Hunter is not hard – click the tr...
Publish Time:06/16/2015
SMS / Text messages Payment
Were very happy to announce the launch of payment by SMS/Message in the United States!This specific repair is in addition for the existing Pay by Phone option and allows an instant and straightforward method of getting our optional "members game" for anyone with not a charge plate.Payment...
Publish Time:06/10/2015
Gold Farming Wealth Injection Plummets
Jagex has announced that considering that the arrival with the "Bonds" system in RuneScape, the amount of wealth injected in to the games economy via gold farmers has dropped almost 81%."Dishonest gold farming has experienced a detrimental influence on the online gaming space since it...
Publish Time:06/08/2015
Gold Farming Wealth Injection Plummets
Jagex has announced that considering that the arrival of the "Bonds" system in RuneScape, how much wealth injected to the games economy via gold farmers has dropped almost 81%.buy runescape gold"Dishonest gold farming has brought a negative impact on the net gaming space since its inc...
Publish Time:06/02/2015
4 new Game Worlds
Weve just as before beaten our simultaneous player record, with 185,000 people playing at once last weekend! Woot! RuneScape gold. Therefore were adding more worlds to keep up.buy runescape goldGiven weve just launched new subscription options for Canada it seems fitting that this next 3 worlds we p...
Publish Time:05/29/2015
New Records Set
Jagex recently contacted us through an update about newer and more effective records theyve set using their Java-based MMORPG "RuneScape". RuneScape gold. Theyve now surpassed 35,000 players online concurrently! Additionally , they mentioned that they have 910,000 active players - 75,000 ...
Publish Time:05/25/2015

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