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Further Adjustment for Revenant Caves and Changes for Quality of Life
The old school team has released some Runescape new updates,Lets see what it is.Changes on Revenant CavesRecently,Revenant caves made some changes,ensure that the Revenant caves remain profitable, but also that their reward matches the effort and risk involved. The below is some changes:1. Revenant ...
Publish Time:03/02/2018
RuneScape Globetrotter Outfit Details And Effects
The new RuneScape Globetrotter outfit,can be obtained from Zaida RuneScape,Here is some its details and effects,Please read carefully now.The guides to get Globetrotter outfitTo deal with clue scrolls,You can buy the new Globetrotter outfit with the treasure trails points from the Treasure Trails Re...
Publish Time:02/28/2018
Details for Master clue scroll And RuneScape Geyser titan
Today, Lets see some RuneScape new updates,the full details is on the below,Please pay attention to it.The Master clue scroll The rework for the Clue Scrolls is about to be released on today (February 26),The new tier clue scrolls is considered the highest clues, only from the very high level of bos...
Publish Time:02/26/2018
OSRS 5th Birthday event and Drygore longsword details
Today,We get some lateat Runescape news,Lets see what they are.OSRS 5th Birthday event detailsThe Old School official Twitter revealed the OSRS 5th Birthday event informations,The Old School team has revealed on February 22 more about OSRSs 5th birthday party, which reads "This is part of the 5...
Publish Time:02/12/2018
Details about Staff of Light and Revenant Drop Table Update
The old school team has updated the Staff of light OSRS informations and Revenant Drop Table details,Lets see it now.Staff of Light OSRS detailsStaff of Light OSRS is a one handed staff,with 75 Attack and 75 Magic,And it owns all of its effects from the Staff of the dead. Now it can be created by us...
Publish Time:02/09/2018
Some important details about Cavern of Tainted Memories
Cavern of Tainted Memories is coming,Every day you have a free chance to go at the Cavern,Now, lets see the key point together.How long did the Cavern of Tainted Memories last?You’ll be able to enter the Cavern for two minutes and 30 seconds,And during February 7 to February 12, 2018,You should gath...
Publish Time:02/07/2018
Enjoy some significant update in February
Letsee what we can expect from the coming weeks.Keep your eyes on the following details.1.Bank Rework Taster details Jagex has made a decision that they will firstly release part of changes which don’t need engine work this month. And they are naming this part as Bank Rework Taster,you’ll have acces...
Publish Time:02/05/2018
Some Leather Shields details and Tournament Worlds
The old school runescape team updated the leather shields OSRS,Leather shields are a great alternative for those wishing to use one-handed ranged weapons.Next, lets learn more details about it.Leather shields OSRS are a class of shields that are oriented toward rangers,and grant high penalties for p...
Publish Time:02/02/2018
Lava Lanterns and OSRS Mobile Beta Test informations
Now, Read more details about Lava Lanterns and OSRS Mobile Beta Test,Hope can do some help for you.At the same time,Dont forget to use reliable 5% off extra golds code:rscode to buy cheap osrs gold .From 31st January through to 23:59 game time on the 5th February,Lava Lantern RuneScape is available...
Publish Time:01/31/2018
Learn more details about OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II this week
This week, you will see many changes updated on OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II,Lets expect it!Changes in Revenant CavesThe Old School Team plans to make some adjustment,so this week will be updating the Revenant drop tables with the following changes: 1.Increased the likelihood of landing on the no...
Publish Time:01/29/2018

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