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The Deadman Winter Season is starting now
The Deadman Winter Season is now live! Play now and qualify in the top 2,000 by 26th October for your chance to play in the Deadman Winter Invitational! So catch the good chance and read the following details carefully.Itt has made a lot of changes,wil making it more wonderful, Deadman Winter will b...
Publish Time:09/25/2017
Some changes in RuneFest Shield and Halloween Rewards
In 2017 ,the RuneFest project is here, we published the Deadman Fall Invitational and Deadman Winters required changes for you.Please read the following details carefully.RuneFest shieldsRuneFest hit us on Saturday, September 23, and we released a new make-up shield this year. This gorgeous shield d...
Publish Time:09/22/2017
Prize pool is coming
How long will this event last?The new Prize Pool will be held on Treasure Hunter from 00:00 (UTC) game time from 20th September until 23:59 (UTC) on 25th September.How to join and play it?With every Key you use, you have a chance to earn a bonus prize on the Prize Pool interface at the top of the sc...
Publish Time:09/20/2017
Runescape:Golden Gnome Awards
RuneFest 2017 will be held on 23rd September, Its only one week, Today we will be published the final Golden Gnome Awards nominations , Are you curious about it? Please pay your attention to the following details.The Golden Gnome Awards include three part,They are Video Awards,Streamer Awards and Ar...
Publish Time:09/18/2017
The changes of Fossil Island
This week, we made some improvements and adjustments to the huge fossil island issue last week. There are some Deadman changes to prepare for the start of the game in the winter.Please read the following changes carefully.Sulliuscep mushrooms1.The XP obtained has increased to 90.8xp per cut2.The fos...
Publish Time:09/15/2017
Runescape:Time training
Big surprise! The time training comes back to the train to help you with the new Protean Power-Ups.How long will this event last?From September 13th at 00:00 UTC (game time) to September 18rd at 23:59.there will be a lot of training and enhancement projects that can be obtained on the hunter.Here is...
Publish Time:09/13/2017
The Deadman Autumn Invitational is coming
The Deadman Autumn Invitational Tournament will begins at about 12pm on Monday, September 18th. We will always count down and remind for you, Please read the following details carefully and dont forget to buy Cheap Rs Gold .We have played all of our Deadman Mansion on the stage, and this event will ...
Publish Time:09/11/2017
start your adventure in a brand new Fossil Island
Old school Runescape is getting a new update that will make it further developed with Fossil Island. The new area will show a lot of original adventures, Players, welcome to new Fossil Island.Fossil Island is a brand new prehistoric island, exclusive to the ancient RuneScape world, suitable for all ...
Publish Time:09/08/2017
Bonus Boosters are backing
Big surprise!Bonus Boosters are back, It will give you more fun than ever before,So read the following details carefully.When will the Bonus Boosters happen?The Bonus Boosters event will start from 6:00 UTC on September 6th to 23:59 on September 11th, enjoy six effects – three from last time, three...
Publish Time:09/06/2017
The coming of Invention Batch 2 and Ninja update
This is the moment youve been waiting for. Invention Batch 2 finally came to RuneScape ,and we will provided a series of new devices to help you in the game.We also introduced a new concept: the machine. please read the following information carefully.The machine allows you to turn your items into w...
Publish Time:09/04/2017

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