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A Taste of Hope Guides and rewards
A Taste of Hope has been released,This new quest in the Myreque quest series.Now,Lets see all detailed informations.A Taste of Hope is available to players who have completed OSRS Darkness of Hallowvale.Requirements: 48 Crafting, 45 Agility, 40 Attack, 40 Herblore, 38 Slayer.Some guides about A Tast...
Publish Time:05/25/2018
QoL updates Details and buy cheap RS gold
Today,Lets introduces the quality of life improvements,please pay attention to this .1.Lodestones have been graphically updated while blocking has been removed from around the lodestone.2.There is one item to teleport that can be sent to the Mightyll Stores Elf city waterfall fishing area.3.In order...
Publish Time:05/23/2018
RuneScape 4TAA & C4TAA informations
The RuneScape team has revealed that the RuneScape C4TAA will be removed with 4TAA remaining in-game as one of the updates on May 21(today),RuneScape C4TAA will be removed to prevent your auto attack delay from going backwards,Lets learn more details on the below.Four tick auto-attacking, abbreviate...
Publish Time:05/21/2018
Double Dragon Chests returned
The dragons have returned to Treasure Hunter this week, bringing with them hoards of prizes!Now,here has all detailed informations.focus on here.How long will it last?From 00:00 on the 17th May through to 23:59 on the 21st May,If you are interested in the Treasure Hunter, you can take part in now.So...
Publish Time:05/18/2018
Details about A Taste of Hope
The accompanying quest of Theatre of Blood - A Taste of Hope OSRS will be coming to game on May 24,Now,lets see all detailed informations.Before the coming of Theatre of Blood OSRS(on June 7),the accompanying quest “A Taste of Hope” will release in game on the 24th of May as an instalment in the Myr...
Publish Time:05/16/2018
RuneScape Summer Special Details
The RuneScape Summer Special (& OSRS) will be available from May 21, 2018.Now, Lets learn some details.The OSRS and RuneScape Summer Special coming very soon, And there are two kinds of Summer Special membership packages available this time, one is the usual 3-for-2 package (gaining three months...
Publish Time:05/14/2018
RuneScape Chainlink TH Promotion Details
A brand new Treasure Hunter RuneScape Chainlink has been released,Now,Lets see all details.How long will it last?RuneScape Chainlink is the new Treasure Hunter promotion active for limited time, will last from 00:00 game time on the 10th May to 23:59 on 14th May. Some rewards from ChainlinkUntil May...
Publish Time:05/11/2018
Some You Are It Quest Informations
With the release of You Are It RS, you’d better learn the You Are It quest guide ,Here have all Informations you need ,please read carefully.on May 8,A mysterious bottle quest You Are It RuneScape has been released ,from chop a specific tree in the south-west of McGrubor’s Wood start,which is an int...
Publish Time:05/09/2018
Learn OSRS Raids 2 and OSRS PvP World Rota details
Today, Lets learn OSRS Raids 2 and OSRS PvP World Rota latest news, hope this informations can do some help for you.It’s officially confirmed that the Raids 2: Theatre of Blood will be coming to game on June 7 along with its final boss Lady Verzik. That means we all can expect its release in about o...
Publish Time:05/07/2018
Buried Treasure Details
The Buried Treasure RuneScape has returned in game,Now,Lets learn all details.please read carefully.How long will it last?From 00:00 game time on the 3rd May through to 23:59 on the 7th May, recover some Buried Treasure on Treasure Hunter.On opening the Treasure Hunter interface you’ll be met with a...
Publish Time:05/04/2018
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