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Community Chronicle - 06/02-In-Game
This Saturday, Tip.it take on Hati and Sk?ll! Ensure you join the chums chat ‘Levells’ to find out what server they’ll get on, and become made by 8PM GMT! Have a look at their dedicated page for more info.Lunagang - an awesome fan site within the Netherlands - are organizing their annual Stealing Cr...
Publish Time:02/14/2014
Rewards of Holy Moley
The Giant Moles possible drops add a new clingy mole: an adorable critter whos oddly attracted to the top of anti-dragon shield.With 45 Crafting, use him around the shield and hell grip tightly onto its front, boosting its stats to people of the level 55 hybrid shield. The mole also gives the shield...
Publish Time:02/10/2014
Heart of Ice
To help you get what you look for from Treasure Hunter, weve introduced Hearts of Ice. Prizes are categorised from the skill theyre associated with, and Hearts of Ice assist you to freeze these categories once you next open a chest.For example, say youve set to their maximum the Cooking skill - make...
Publish Time:02/06/2014
Have you tried the combat beta yet?
There are somebody replied to this:yes, because pre-eoc you didnt need skill to pk, all u needed were dds, d claw specs and pray that you poisoned and hit hard. honestly none of the pkers that i saw used anything unique.The other people conmmented New players dont realize that back in 06-09 there we...
Publish Time:01/27/2014
Update of Slayer Helmet
The full slayer helmet is elementary kit for all serious slayers, combining much of the specialist equipment needed to combat Gielinors nastiest beasts with a damage and accuracy boost to your current mark. Today, it receives a well-deserved upgrade.First of all, its base stats have been increased t...
Publish Time:01/24/2014
what is Treasure Hunter all about?
Like Squeal of Fortune, every day you will have the opportunity to win randomly selected prizes.You will use keys to open chests, each of which holds a prize,Instead of spinning a wheel.The rarities and their prizes will be similar to Squeal of Fortune, but tweaked so they are more relevant to the s...
Publish Time:01/21/2014
The Wolf Pack Returns
Hati and Sk?ll - the cold winter months wolves of Fremennik legend - are back from Thursday the 16th of January, bringing bonus XP aplenty if you can defeat them, and also new valkyrie-themed cosmetic overrides.New in 2010 is the appearance of Eir: a valkyrie preparing herself for your End of Things...
Publish Time:01/17/2014
Chance to the squad - New Poll System
The facility to the Players poll product is here!From today, ones destiny of RuneScape is in both hands. Through frequent polls - voted on in-game with the Community interface - youll set the course for RuneScapes content updates. Youll vote within the order of our most anticipated releases; set a b...
Publish Time:01/15/2014
Capacity to the members and holidays
Capacity to the membersFirst of all recently, the newest Power to the gamers update is a real game-changer and were incredibly excited to view the way the voting goes. Now that the energy is well and truly in your hands, the city hasnt ever been essential! Weve already started collecting your feedba...
Publish Time:01/10/2014
Christmas is the time for sharing and celebration
Christmas is the time for sharing and celebration, to be able we go into the christmas, I need to to consider a minute to share several of my thoughts along.Overall, I’m really pleased with RuneScape, the cs and our community – we’ve got lots to celebrate. It’s been an amazing year becoming a RuneSc...
Publish Time:12/30/2013

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